Fight corruption: become fraud aware

The effects of fraud and corruption are detrimental to the sustainability of any organisation and our economy as a whole.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (‘ACFE’) estimates that a typical organisation loses five percent of its revenue each year to fraud. The burden and fraud and its consequences are endured by its employees and all other stakeholders in the form of increased costs, loss of revenues and resources, reduction in salary, etc.

As an organisation, we are committed to the fight against fraud and corruption and devoted to making a contribution towards reducing the effects of fraud. 

Our articles below give you a brief overview of red flags to be alert toward within the realm of e-mail fraud, identity theft, online fraud, procurement fraud and Ransomware.

We have a team poised to offer your organisation a multi-dimensional solution that will assist you in increasing employee awareness of fraud and educate employees regarding fraud prevention, detection, and reporting techniques. This is critical for reducing the incidence of fraud against and within your organisation.  Our experience allows us to utilise different techniques and methodologies to obtain the highest quality result to assist our clients to prevent fraud and corruption and respond effectively in the unfortunate event that it occurs.

As a team of experienced professionals, we are skilled to demonstrate a high level of precision when conducting investigations. We believe we are the right firm to provide you with the robust forensic investigative services your organisation requires to manage its fraud risk appetite and to uncover incidences committed against it.

Our sound governance, including a broad commitment to the rule of law, is crucial for your organisation's sustainability and a vital component in preventing the devastating impact of fraud and corruption.

Let us help your organisation become fraud smart.