Forensic services

From fraud or theft to money laundering or bribery, anyone can be a victim of a financial crime.

How confident are you that your business is safe from corruption and malfeasance?

Our investigation services can assist. Along with awareness training allow us to help you nip corruption in the bud before it takes hold. Clients also trust us with their digital forensic analysis and dispute and litigation support. We harness cutting-edge technology to ensure our clients have all the evidence they need. We pride ourselves on our ability to undertake in-depth investigations while remaining sensitive to businesses’ concerns around minimising disruption. Our experts have extensive experience in fraud and theft investigations, regulatory investigations and corruption allegations, including those under the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act.

Our approach

Once a problem is identified, we involve specialists who can perform robust investigations to identify irregular or criminal conduct, quantify and recover losses, and appropriate remedial and preventative action. We offer training to in-house teams and assist with proactive work such as risk profiling; evaluation of internal controls; fraud awareness courses; and crime surveys. We also have extensive experience in the specialised discipline of continuous integrity monitoring.

Our people

Our team of dedicated specialists offer an international service and regularly advise both national and international corporations and law firms. Apart from having led complex internal investigations, our expert witnesses and investigation partners have also given evidence in court and arbitrations making them well equipped for any forensic challenge.

Forensic services

Our forensic support and assistance is delivered thoroughly and cost-effectively.

  • Cost effective forensic investigations into alleged theft, fraud and/or corruption for purposes of disciplinary, criminal and/or civil litigation.
  • Thorough data gathering.
  • Recommendations provided for appropriate remedial action.
  • Assistance with the preparation of claims, tracing of assets and presenting expert testimony.
  • Assistance in the resolution of disputes in mediation and/or arbitration.

Industry and sector experience:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Local and regional government
  • Parastatals and State-Owned Enterprises (SOE)
  • Public interest entities (listed companies)
  • Transport and logistics
  • Travel, tourism and hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining

"2020 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Report to the Nations (Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse)"

Why Mazars?


Delivering excellent services is a must, but it would not mean much without the moral rigour we owe to ourselves and to our clients. Integrity is the cornerstone of our relationships within our organisation, and with our clients and stakeholders. To gain and nurture trust, we must always be honest and straightforward.


Sustainable firms are the ones that are accountable. We believe in responsibility, for our personal and professional conduct. We care about how our work may affect our communities and we seek to make a difference.

Diversity & Respect

Our clients count on our talent and expertise. Our strength lies in our people.

Technical excellence

In all our projects and assignments, providing the best possible service to our clients is our number one priority. Hence, we constantly pursue the highest level of technical excellence and quality in everything we do.


Independence has always been Mazars’ raison d’être and state of mind. Whether we work as auditors or advisors, acting independently is essential.


Since our creation stewardship has been a key ingredient of our long-term development and that of our clients.