Cloud accounting

"As the primary representative and director of a number of legal entities across different industries (from retail, software development to consulting services and hospitality), our operational excellence and accounting discipline can be directly linked to the fact that Mazars fulfils all accounting and tax-related functions for us. This, coupled with Xero’s easy-to-use accounting software allows normal staff members to generate invoices and run reports on Xero without needing formal extensive accounting training. Electronic document matching between Hubdoc and Xero makes recordkeeping and VAT compliance seamless. Thank you to Arno Kleingeld and his team for the great service over the years."
Francois Laurence CA(SA)
Founder of FCJ Consulting, Magnificent Barista Boys, BlueprintBI and BespokeX

The 4th industrial revolution means accounting firms need to transition to new ways of working. In moving away from the outdated mode of accounting, and embracing cloud-based accounting, we are fully enabled to meet the needs of even the most technologically advanced, complex and diverse client.

Mazars has partnered with Xero to provide clients with best in class cloud-based accountancy software. Xero, together with a full suite of add on apps, caters for any number of different needs. 

This allows us to focus on what is really important, giving expert advice to help you grow your business. Having real-time financial information is crucial to a sustainable business and with cloud-based accounting this is possible. You can access your financial data from any device, from anywhere at any time. Cloud software will save you time and money!

Since first partnering with Xero in 2016, Mazars has upgraded from gold to Platinum status. Xero has over two million subscribers and is recognised as one of the fastest-growing ‘software as service’ providers globally. It is used to provide clients with an efficient way of managing accounts, providing 24-hour access to data from anywhere in the world and streamlining accountancy processes so that there is a single source of data as close to real-time as possible.

In turn, we provide specifically tailored business consultations for business owners, to help you grow your business and manage it efficiently.

Integrated forecasting and reporting of your business financials will help you get a grip on cash flow and make crucial decisions about the future of your business. As a trusted advisor, we will use our expert accounting and business knowledge with complex analysis of your financials to help you make decisions and take actions that will help your business grow and succeed.

Forecasting helps you project and prepare for growth and gives a clear view of the future.

    • It helps to put preventative measures in place by predicting business activity for a future period of time by using assumptions. It is best to look where you are going and not where you have been.
    • It helps to give clarity, the more you forecast the more you can predict
    • It helps with healthier cash flow by identifying issues before they crop up
    • You will have a competitive advantage because of your level of insight
    • You will be able to make informed decisions about the future

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