Quality control inspections & Oversight of the Quality Control System

Mazars has implemented both national and international quality control inspections, covering the various entities in the organisation.
Our local internal quality control system is based on a Group quality control manual and is compliant with ISQC 1. International quality control inspections are carried out every few years, with the bigger entities, including South Africa, inspected every two to three years. The results are reported to the National Board after each round of reviews conducted

The quality control inspections are based on a certain number of criteria linked to audit quality, covering the following themes:

  • Compliance with internal policies and practices related to the quality of work;
  • Compliance with applicable accounting standards;
  • Compliance with laws and professional standards governing the performance of engagements;
  • compliance with ethical rules;
  • Talent management practices designed to ensure the appropriate ability and skills of professionals;
  • Supervision and review of engagements;
  • Acceptance and continuance of client relationships;
  • Technical consultation; and
  • Monitoring, including engagement quality control reviews and independent review.


Oversight of the Quality Control System

The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors in South Africa (IRBA) conducts inspections of Registered Auditors and all firms that are involved in the audit of public interest entities.

The objective of the inspections is to monitor compliance by firms with current international standards of quality control, whilst the objective of an engagement inspection is to monitor compliance by individual Registered Auditors with appropriate levels of professional standards in the performance of the attest function.  A satisfactory result from these inspections is important for maintaining the accreditation of our firm with the JSE Ltd.