Risk and Crisis Management

There are a number of measures a business can take to ensure the continuity of its operations, Mazars will share advice, guidance and practical support from our business experts to help your operational resilience.



CIPC Notice to clients

CIPC has issued an important notice to business owners regarding downtime due to national lockdown commencing Thursday 26th March.
To read the official notice please download below.

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Risk & Continuity Planning

It is important to have a strategic business plan, one that details how your business will remain resilient and manage risk during this turbulent time.

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Protecting Employees - Payroll

Robust continuity strategies are critical. In addition to business operations and sales, your business continuity plans should focus on protecting your employees.

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Coronavirus Implications For M&A transactions

Extended periods of volatile economic and market conditions have been shown to reduce M&A activity. As the coronavirus disease 2019 (or Covid-19) plagues the world, sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, energy, retail and transport are hit hard by the loss of revenue.

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Distress & Restructuring: Directors' Duties and Options

The scale of the COVID-19 crisis will undoubtedly lead to many businesses facing severe financial difficulty with some inevitably facing insolvency. In such circumstances, there are some key points that Directors should consider in managing the business.

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Value preservation through a challenging period

More so than ever before, corporates must ensure that their operations are focused on what is strategically important to the business going forward. Management teams need to concentrate their time and investment on what is core to their businesses to safeguard their operations and key stakeholders through this period.

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COVID-19 – Stress testing your BCP

Enterprise risk management is a process that organisations use to identify, and with adequate and effective controls, mitigate risk. The objective is, typically, to identify risks, and then stratify it into its likelihood of materialising and establishing its impact on the business should it materialise. These risks are then prioritised with a commensurate response.

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Crisis management planning to navigate Covid-19

16/04/2020 As the Covid-19 crisis continues, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the challenges for privately owned business are going to last longer, and cut deeper, than anyone anticipated.

The initial hope was that businesses were facing a short-term challenge, and that after a short, sharp shock lasting a month or two, things would start settling back to normal. But that is now looking highly unlikely.

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COVID-19: Post Pandemic World Is your Business ready?

As I sit at my desk, contemplating inventing a product that would drown out the high pitched voice of my 8-year-old who frankly just doesn’t stop talking, a single word catches my eye and makes me reflect on this unique situation we all find ourselves engrossed with: Teamwork!

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