Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management is essential during this pandemic. Mazars will share advice, guidance and practical support from our business experts to help you understand what help is available and how you can access this.


Articles to advise and guide you through this pandemic

SARS Fast tracking VAT Refunds

As a result of the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on South Africa, a number of clients/businesses are likely to be having cash flow issues. SARS has implemented the fast-tracking of VAT refunds to alleviate cash flow problems for vendors by allowing bi-monthly registered vendors to submit monthly VAT returns.

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Protecting Cash Flow in your Business

Whilst the Covid-19 situation is unprecedented, experience of past economic disruption, such as the 2008 financial crisis, does provide some insight into what is likely to happen in terms of Cash Flow.

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Collecting Cash & Managing Cashflow

Cash and overheads will quickly become critical if operations and output are impacted, while staff and outgoings remain fixed.

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