At Mazars we provide specialized insurance services. Insurers have the huge task of assessing and managing risks such as instability in financial markets, an aging population, the risk of terrorism and climate change.

We have teams dedicated to insurance risks who will help you in three ways:

By evaluating your technical processes

We evaluate your technical procedures to improve the way you look at profitability and help you respond to your IFRS and Solvency II requirements. With our technical knowledge and market expertise we will help you:

  • Review and create evaluation tools,
  • Publish statutory statements,
  • Create a strategic tool with your technical processes in mind.

The technical and operational deployment of Solvency II

With the redefinition of technical provisions, the automation of the calculation of target capital, the review of the efficiency of the internal control and the elaboration of an internal model, the regulations linked to the Solvency II directive impact greatly on insurers. Mazars is thus equipped with a team dedicated to the valuation and modelling of assets to reinforce its skills.

We help you:

  • Measure solvency ratios (QIS, stochastic models)
  • Implement risk reduction tools (financial cover or reinsurance),
  • Create the best strategies from our findings

We help manage your activities and your capital by:

  • Creating a business plan,
  • Evaluating European Embedded Value against the CFO forum,
  • Implementing a monitoring and evaluation policy for your capital allocation,
  • Overhauling your asset/liability management system, bringing in new techniques and regulations,
  • Analysing your profitability and pricing,
  • Creating new products.