Financial business modelling

At Mazars we offer a comprehensive range of services in terms of financial business modeling to meet your needs.

Today we need to respond to regulatory demands while working in risky markets. We manage these risks by equipping you with the right financial models.

Our dedicated financial engineering teams at Mazars are made up of actuaries, quantitative analysts and economic statisticians. We will:

  • Evaluate your financial instruments,
  • Give an external opinion on your valuation models and your reserve policy,
  • Audit your tools and valuation models for financial instruments,
  • Provide structured support when choosing valuation models and a reserve policy,
  • Support you with accounts processing of efficiency tests to meet IAS 32/39 standards,
  • Assist in day-one profit recognition.

We help you manage and assess your risks by:

  • Helping you identify risks and set up risk assessment indicators,
  • Giving you an external point of view on your risk measurement and reporting tools,
  • Helping you set up internal risk assessment tools to assess market value and credit value at risk,
  • Proposing models for capital allocation,
  • Providing you with support as you adhere to the Basel II standards,
  • Taking on some or all of your statistical and economic research.