Technology Strategy

As business operations become increasingly dependent upon IT, it is essential that technology capabilities are positioned to grow with the business and support future requirements.

A Forward looking Technology Strategy

The absence of a forward-looking technology strategy can hinder the delivery of the overarching business strategy. It is therefore essential that IT is focussed on the areas it can provide the most value to an organisation.

We have extensive experience working with clients to understand your IT environment, identify the critical business requirements in the short to mid-term and translate this into a realistic strategy.

We have developed the following four stage approach to strategy development, based upon the need for both flexibility and scalability. As such, it is sector/industry agnostic and has been applied to businesses of all conceivable sizes, from large listed through to small privately-owned businesses:

Technology - 4 phases

Our experience and technical knowledge has enabled us to develop viable strategies that are bespoke to your organisation. During our assessment, we will consider both competitors and emerging technological trends. We then deliver an IT Strategy and delivery roadmap which includes the following:

  • Prioritised strategic requirements; 
  • A business case for each strategic requirement, including high level costs, benefits and potential drawbacks; and
  • An implementation roadmap for each of the strategic requirements, highlighting interdependencies as well as quick wins. Typically, this covers a 12-36-month period.

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