IT Outsourcing and Vendor Selection

IT outsourcing is an option for organisations looking to improve efficiency, reduce overheads, redeploy staff of leverage skills unavailable in-house. When considering outsourcing, it’s important to have a clear strategy to mitigate risks, as well as technical implementation support.

IT Consultancy

Our experienced IT consultants can support you with your outsourcing strategy across a range of services, from infrastructure to service desk. We operate independently of all IT outsourcing providers so can provide you with impartial support. Our approach recognises the following principles that should serve as the foundation for any outsourcing strategy: 

  • There is no standardised, one size fits all solution when it comes to IT outsourcing.  
  • Fully understanding your existing processes and your core business requirements is the only way to ensure that your outsourcing partner will align with your expectations.  
  • Agility and an ability to react quickly to a changing environment is essential, and will need to be reflected in the terms of your outsourcing contracts 

We can support you with the following stages of the IT outsourcing lifecycle: 

  • Creation of an IT outsourcing strategy – Through our understanding of your business strategy and industry, we can help you determine whether outsourcing is appropriate and, if so, create an IT outsourcing strategy that can either consider IT in totality, or individual services (e.g. service desk) to meet your requirements. 
  • Gathering of strategic requirements – An IT outsource provider can only ever be as good as the list of defined services and requirements that they have been engaged to deliver. Getting this stage right, both now and for the short to mid-term future, is crucial to its success.  
  • Selection of an IT outsource partner – We will help you to identify. evaluate, shortlist and select an outsource partner. 
  • Transition support – Outsourcing an IT function for the first time, or even migrating from one partner to another, can be a daunting task. Our team has experienced many of the common issues that arise during the transition phase and can help you navigate around these to help make the transition seamless. 
  • Vendor management – Selecting and transitioning to an IT outsourcing model is only the start of the journey. Routine performance monitoring is an essential activity to ensure that your IT outsource partner is not only meeting your expectations but is delivering in accordance with the terms of your contract.    

Vendor Specification and Selection 

We can support the end-to-end process of choosing a new technology platform, system, application or IT provider. This includes documenting critical requirements, performing a market assessment and running a full RFP tender process.   

For organisations looking to replace their existing technology, the vendor specification and selection review is a proposition that assists organisations with the following:

IT Oursourcing

Furthermore, our system implementation review is a proposition the assists organisations in:

  • performing system design reviews to ensure that appropriate system functionalities, business controls and leading practices are built / included in the proposed system solution;  
  • performing business process integrity reviews on the final system (applications and interfaces) solution to ensure that appropriate business controls are configured in the system and identify improvement areas and suggest a solution to facilitate the implementation of the same.  

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