IT Effectiveness

We have extensive experience delivering IT Effectiveness assessments for our clients in South Africa.

IT Effectiveness and Model Development

We provide an end-to-end view of the current IT estate and give recommendations to ensure that the set up is optimised to support the organisation and maximise the value that technology can bring. 

Our IT effectiveness assessment framework has been developed across the following three technology domains: 

  1. Manage: Assessing technology in relation to strategy, people, and governance and compliance.
  2. Transform: Looking at technology for data and change.
  3. Run: Assessing technology operation, resilience and security.

Our deliverable will then highlight both areas of good practice and key development areas. The latter will be prioritised based on the size of the gap between your current maturity and where we believe you should aspire to be. 

Aligning the IT operating model to the overarching business strategy is essential. Yet, many organisations rely on IT functions that haven’t kept pace with strategic and operational requirements. Regularly assessing the skills, capabilities and reporting structures of IT helps to ensures that it remains relevant.   

IT Operating Model Development 

Mazars IT operating model assessment methodology is built around three core phases: 

Phase 1 – ‘As-is’ structure, roles and responsibility assessment 

We sense check the existing security roles and responsibility matrix against best practice.  

Phase 2 – IT activity mapping 

We identify current activities across the respective IT teams (security, infrastructure etc.). This is typically achieved through interviews with key IT stakeholders and reviewing relevant documentation. 

Phase 3 – ‘To-be’ structure, roles and responsibility assessment 

We combine the knowledge gained during these phases with further discussions with senior management. This ensures that we fully understand the businesses strategic requirements and map these back to the existing skills and capabilities of the team. As a result, our subject matter experts utilise their extensive industry experience to provide options for the future IT operating model, alongside the respective benefits and cost implications of each. 

We will produce an Executive report outlining the proposed “to-be” operating model and implementation roadmap. We also document the benefits and drawbacks of each option, including doing nothing, to ensure wider organisational support for any required changes.   

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