Incident Response

Create, test and refine your incident response process

Incident Response

With 46% of companies reporting cyber attacks or breaches in the last 12 months and a multitude of high-profile examples making the headlines, it’s clear to see such incidents are ever increasing. It is therefore critical for businesses to create, test and refine incident response processes in order to be prepared, should they be targeted. 

Having plans in place helps to safeguard your money, time and reputation from attacks. 

How to prepare 

Cyber incidents take a variety of forms, from untargeted ransomware to targeted phishing attacks, so it’s important to plan for a number of scenarios. Each organisation has a unique set of challenges so we will work closely with you to identify what you need to do to be prepared. This could include assessments such as: 

  • Cyber attack simulation exercise 
  • Threat profiling 
  • Reviewing or creating a response and recovery program 
  • Incident playbooks 
  • Stress testing your teams 

Post incident reviews 

If you have suffered an incident, we offer a full review of your response. This could include understanding the root cause, evaluating the effectiveness of actions taken and understanding what ‘lessons’ can be learned. 

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