Ethical Hacking

Assess your ability to detect and respond to cyber attacks

How well protected is your organisation against cyber threats? Ethical hacking enables us to assess your ability to detect an attack and respond to this. By identifying and resolving vulnerabilities in your defences, we help to protect your organisation and reduce risk exposure. 

How we can help? 

As a CREST-accredited penetration testing company, you can trust our high-quality consultants to identify and address security vulnerabilities in your technology, people and processes. We provide holistic security solutions in complex environments to counter the most advanced and persistent cyber security threats. 

Assessments are performed using both technical and social engineering techniques, equivalent to those that a real-world attacker would use to access your sensitive information or disrupt your systems. This enables our clients to understand the business risks and to identify opportunities to improve systems, design and development processes, or operational policies and procedures. 

Our Services include

  1. Penetration Testing Assessments
  2. Red Team Assessments
  3. Internet of Things (IOT) Assessments
  4. Dark Web Review

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Penetration Testing assessments 

Penetration Testing is a simulated attack against a system, network or application designed to identify and assess the exploitability of the target.  

Our tactical Penetration Testing services will aid the identification of security vulnerabilities which could be exploited by real world threat actors. We will tailor our testing to meet your business requirements.

Types of penetration testing include:

  • Infrastructure penetration testing - We assess your internal or external information assets’ ability to withstand attacks. Our penetration testers will attempt to break into your network and IT infrastructure to raise awareness about vulnerabilities, and the effects of their exploitation. 
  • Web application penetration testing – We offer a comprehensive penetration test of your web applications, web services and APIs that may be used to store and access critical business information, with the goal to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. Our testers, acting as an external attacker or a standard user, will use advanced skills and techniques required to test modern web applications and next-generation technologies. 
  • Cloud security assessments – We assess the effectiveness of the security controls and configurations deployed on your cloud platform. We will adapt our infrastructure penetration testing techniques to the specificities of the cloud. 
  • Network device & build reviews – We offer build reviews to a variety of different technologies with the aim of identifying security weaknesses which could enable or facilitate malicious activities. We assess the hardening of your security configuration on your key infrastructure components. 
  • Mobile application and device security – We access your mobile applications to identify vulnerabilities specific to mobile computing environments, such as those defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and other emerging industry standards. Our approach includes the protection of the application itself, the communication channels and the exposed server side. 
  • Wireless testing – We assess the design and the configuration of your WiFi infrastructure with the aim of evaluating the security hardening and the sealing with your sensitive assets. 
  • Code reviews – We review critical piece of code from your applications to identify vulnerabilities. 

Red Team assessment 

Our Red Team assessments give you a more thorough and in-depth assessment of your cyber strategy and will also test your response plans. We will take you through the five stages of managing and mitigating a malicious attack on your network and critical infrastructure. We use methods and techniques that replicate the same or similar attacks based upon threat intelligence relating to your sector of industry, to give you a high degree of confidence in your cyber security. 

Types of red teaming services:

  • Physical Social Engineering – includes all attacks that aim to manipulate human behaviour to gain leverage or knowledge about a target. We try to gain physical access to your building or getting staff to divulge information. 
  • Phishing Services – attempt to trick staff into sharing sensitive information such as passwords and usernames via phishing simulation. This test can help boost employee awareness retention rates and demonstrate the dangers associated with cyber crime through phishing emails.  
  • Scenario Based Testing – are more focused assessments concentrated on specific hostile tactics. We create assessments based on recent events or your concerns simulating scenarios that threat actors may exercise. We align our scenario-based assessments on the MITRE ATT&CK framework, designed to assess your response capabilities. 
  • Red Teaming – is a simulated cyber-attack that is as close as you can get to understanding how prepared your organisation is to defend against a skilled and persistent attacker. This is a whole package designed to test both your physical and cyber defences using techniques and procedures that replicate real world threats. Some of our example attack scenarios includes, spear phishing, insider threat actor, assumed compromise and physical social engineering. 
  • Purple Teaming – is a method of involving both Red and Blue Teams (defenders), to offer a more dynamic approach to cyber security. This option is to help the blue team to configure, tune and to improve its detection and response capability to defend against real-world threat actors. 

Internet of Things (IoT) Assessments 

Our team of experts will provide advanced assessments in emerging internet connected devices. IoT devices are often less hardened and missing critical patches resulting in a weak point within a network and offer hackers an opportunity to gain access to your data and potentially egress data from a network. We can provide device tear downs as well as assessments on the impact these devices may have on your network.   

Dark Web Reviews 

Our team will look for a list of identified compromised credentials, discussions of the company made by threat actors, as well as fraud or active (and historic) sale discussions about the company on the dark or deep web. This will include a list of cyber-crime environments and a list of manually curated underground forums. 

Why Mazars? 

  • Our international, integrated and independent organisation is present in 91 countries and territories. We are a truly global organisation with penetration testing teams around the world. 
  • We have an R&D team who are researching the latest hacking techniques and have built custom tools sets for our red teaming assessments.   
  • Our ability to act as consultant and partner to help you in a vendor-agnostic way. 
  • Our staff have experience in a variety of backgrounds including Reverse engineering, Malware Analysis, Law Enforcement, Defence and Network Administration.   
  • Our penetration tests are performed by Mazars' professionals to limit your exposure and disclosure. 
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We are global CREST accredited company. All CREST member companies undergo stringent assessment, whilst CREST qualified individuals must pass rigorous professional level examinations to demonstrate knowledge, skill and competence. Therefore, you know that our staff expertise can be relied upon.

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