Data analytics services & solutions

Our data analytics experts at Mazars in South Africa help businesses to understand and use data to drive better decisions, create efficiencies, and help improve performance.

Businesses have access to vast pools of data and information. Being able to transform that data into something meaningful and actionable is key to finding new opportunities and minimising problems before they arise. But using data to the best of its ability is something most organisations struggle with. Our experts can help you understand and use your data in a way that helps you make better decisions, faster. 


Our approach

In today’s world, vast quantities of data flow through your business every day. But this data is only valuable if you can make sense of it. Once brought into focus, big data can drive better decisions, create efficiencies, and help improve performance.

We help organisations understand their data, using market-leading tools to visualise patterns and trends. We work closely with organisations to understand their requirements, then provide bespoke business intelligence dashboards, tailored for their sector, to help them make informed decisions.

Applications range from predicting staff attrition risk, to developing fragrances that appeal to the highest percentage of customers, to boosting Net Promoter ScoresSM through optimising supply chains.

We offer tailored solutions based on your needs, including sector-specific and function-specific applications. For internal auditors, we can provide our Curious tool which boasts with features that reduce costs, increase audit coverage and almost immediately highlights potentially problematic transactions. 

Our services:

  • Tailored assistance with embedding data analytics solutions in organisations. 
  • Building interactive dashboards using advanced visualisation tools.
  • Industry-specific solutions for internal auditors, lawyers, and other roles.
  • Verification that analytics on personal data meets GDPR and privacy requirements. 


Our tools and solutions

In 2017, Mazars acquired Zettafox, a young, innovative company specialising in big data and machine learning technology that answers ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ type questions. We have since built this offering into a prominent global offering which helps clients get the most from their data.