Transaction Support

Business valuations are often required by business entities in the general course of doing business in a competitive corporate environment.

Our experienced Corporate Finance valuations team has performed valuations for the purposes of:

  • managing disputes between parties as independent experts
  • determining business value in take-over situations or the purchasing of a business
  • valuing businesses to determine the value in a potential sale of shares
  • JSE listed companies, in relation to fairness of fair and reasonable opinions
  • option pricing
  • statutory requirements such as tax and estate duty valuations

Where necessary we consult with our broad network of experts for greater understanding and awareness of the factors relevant to business valuations and to create seamless transaction support.

Valuation methodologies are specific to the purpose of the valuation and we have particular expertise in the following valuation methodologies:

  • discounted cash flow
  • earnings multiple
  • net asset
  • dividend growth
  • industry 'rule of thumb' or benchmark
  • Black-Scholes model
  • Monte Carlo simulation

 Fairness Opinions

Public companies require fairness opinions (formerly fair and reasonable opinions) as part of both JSE and SRP regulations.

The reasons for the requirement to perform a fairness opinion include:

  • schemes of arrangement
  • related-party transactions
  • disposal of significant assets

The Mazars Corporate Finance team has been accredited with the JSE to provide opinions on the fairness (and where relevant, the reasonableness) of these transactions.

Due Diligences

Due diligence investigations have evolved in the last few years, with the focus shifting from check-box reviews to value creating processes that assist beyond the effective date of transactions and beyond initially identified risks.

The due diligence process employed at Mazars is one that involves continuous involvement by both client and target. Due diligences are no longer just performed at the office; we relocate to target locations to ensure information is readily available increasing turnaround times, while reducing transaction costs without jeopardising quality.

Additional value is applied to the due diligence by assisting with the process beyond the handing over of the report. We go on to ensure that effective date timelines are met and that recommendations form part of the structuring of the transaction.

Working hand-in-hand with the Valuations and Mergers & Acquisitions divisions, we are confident that our transaction support services fulfil the necessary criteria for any business or individual looking to transact.

BEE Consulting

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEEE) is a social upliftment programme intended to promote equality, by increasing broad based and effective participation of black people in the economy. It should also serve to promote a higher economic growth rate, increase employment and more equitably distribute income.

BEE is not just about social responsibility - raising your BEE status can improve external perceptions of your business and even generate new opportunities.

Our expert BEE consulting services include:

  • BEE strategies and solutions
  • assessments
  • identifying BEE partners
  • advising on BEE structures, transactions, accreditation and scorecards

We have assisted many companies with BEE services and assisted them in creating lasting benefit from their BEE compliance.

We provide consulting services to companies who need to provide evidence of their BEE status and recognise the need for a quick response in order to allow companies to involve themselves in BEE transactions.