Our banking practice is led by a dedicated team of former regulators, industry executives and senior professionals with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

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Since the start of the banking crisis, we have been heavily involved in helping leading global banks, regulators, central banks and governments navigate the web of regulatory, economic and political challenges currently facing your industry.

Whilst we may not be able to predict what the future holds, we can ensure that the decisions you make are robust and deliver lasting results to you and your stakeholders.

In addition to the depth of experience offered by our advisory teams, we provide high-quality external audit and assurance services to our clients, bringing to bear our industry expertise and dedication to client service.

Our five core dedicated banking service areas are:

Audit and assurance

Advisory Services

Corporate Finance 


Accounting Technical Services


For more content regarding Financial Services visit our dedicated Financial Services blog here. And please feel free to download our Banking Brochure below. 

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Covid-19 publications on Banks’ ECL under IFRS 9

15/04/2020 In the context of Covid-19, our expert Vincent Guillard presents recent EBA, IASB, ESMA and BCE publications and the consequences of these new accounting and prudential measures on banks’ ECL under IFRS 9.

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Banks’ response to climate change risk

Sustainable finance is expected to be a crucial factor in the post Covid-19 economic recovery period and regulators are encouraging banks to actively embed climate-related risks in their business operations and risk management frameworks. Against this backdrop, Mazars has analysed how 30 of the largest banks worldwide have been responding to climate-related financial risks.

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Financial Services

At Mazars Financial Services Africa (MFSA), we understand what keeps the leadership in Financial Services organisations awake at night, and have developed a unique approach to assisting you in getting things done.

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