Listed and large corporate

The list of issues facing business leaders of major corporate organisations is long and diverse - from changing trading conditions and reporting requirements to new corporate governance regimes.

In addition, technology is changing the way business is done across the globe and there are increasing expectations of transparency from stakeholders.

Through our unique, international organisation, we bring a truly original perspective to our clients. We work with companies of all sizes. And, what’s more, our experience spans a large number of industry sectors, including banking and insurance, media and telecommunications, manufacturing and retail markets.

We are proud that our international coverage and breadth of support is comparable to other big advisers. But we are just as proud of what makes us different: we offer the best of both worlds by underpinning world-wide technical support with serious partner involvement and a real commitment to client service. We use our integrated partnership to provide a joined-up approach to service delivery, allowing rapid deployment of cross-border support – where and when our clients need it.