Belgian Desk

Cross-border business support for Belgian companies doing business in South Africa.

Mazars brings together the strength and resources of an integrated group leader on the Belgian market, to offer services that are not only bilingual but also bi-cultural to assist Belgian companies at all stage of their corporate development

Given our strong network in the Belgian business community in South Africa, Mazars is well-positioned to assist our Belgian and South African clients in pursuit of their international ambitions. Our European identity enables our Belgian Desk professionals to exhibit specific knowledge of both Belgian and South-African accounting and regulatory requirements, as well as to provide business advisory services to our Belgian and French-speaking clients in South Africa.

Professionals of the Belgian Desk work closely with our colleagues of the Mazars office in Belgian to cater for the diverse needs of clients and to advise Belgian companies in their investments and operations in South Africa. Our Belgian desk is also the gateway for our South African clients to our wide expertise and teams based in Europe.

The cross-border experience of our team enables us to understand and develop solutions to meet the rapid needs of those operating in different jurisdictions and locations.

Audit and Assurance

Mazars South Africa’s audit & insurance department provides financial auditing services to ensure independence and objectivity to its shareholders, as well as internal audit, IT audit and risk management.

Accounting and Support to organizations

At Mazars South Africa, we are not only accountants, but we also provide you support on your accounting and financial plans in order to optimise your performance.

Outsourced Payroll

At Mazars we help you manage your human resources with experienced and dedicated teams.
We measure the importance of the human factor in the success of your organization and the complexity of good decisions in a highly changing environment.

International and Local Taxation

With in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in international and local tax practices, we bring value to our customers by implementing effective strategies and practices to ensure compliance with the regulatory framework through permanent tax surveillance.

Assistance to start up

With extensive knowledge and experience of local legal structures and business creation, our team of professionals provides our customers with the guarantee of optimization and implementation of their strategy to enter the South African market, with the assurance of full compliance with local legal requirements.

Transaction services

For each acquisition or equity participation in a company, it is extremely important for the buyer to have a good understanding of the financial aspects of his/her target. At Mazars we help you in this process of investment to acquire a proper understanding of the situation at the right time.

Transfer pricing in South Africa

The transfer price, the price at which goods and services are sold between related enterprises, is known as the most important tax issue for multinational companies. At Mazars, we offer you our expertise to bring you our advice on transfer pricing.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)

B-BBEE which was set up by the South African government in 2007, which will be made more stringent in April 2015, must be adopted by all companies operating in South Africa, but can also be a real business opportunity for companies according to their ranking.

These codes are not only based on the company's ownership percentages but have numerous parameters according to their sector of activity.

Mazars has a team dedicated to B-BBEE in order to assess the status of a company and propose solutions to improve it according to its objectives. 

Good Governance and Consulting

Governance as a business advisory process provides an exemplary structure for an organisation to work with. It promotes ethical behavior, accountability, and transparency. It encourages economic and financial stability and control, social and environmental responsibility and ethical investment policies and products. Ultimately, it results in enhanced shareholder value.