Dutch Desk

The Netherlands is a key European market for the South African private sector and the two countries have a strong economic relationship. South Africa is the Netherlands' main African trading partner; the Netherlands is the second-largest investor and the seventh-largest trading partner for South Africa worldwide.

Mazars offers cross-border business support for companies that conduct business between the Netherlands and South Africa.

Connecting business

On a G2G level, South Africa and the Netherlands have built a solid partnership that transcends many fields including economic, trade, science and technology, education and culture. Such active collaboration between governments has resulted in public-private initiatives between Dutch and South African organisations that support increased bilateral trade and investment and increased business between the two countries.

Given our strong network in the Dutch business community in South Africa, Mazars is well-positioned to assist our Dutch and South African clients in pursuit of their international ambitions. As such, Mazars has a long history of working with businesses to support their growth and development in foreign markets. In South Africa, we assist a significant number of Dutch-based clients, as well as South African clients doing business in the Netherlands. Besides this, we advise businesses in their pursuit to do business on the rest of the African continent.

How we can help you

Our European identity enables our Dutch Desk professionals to provide specific knowledge of both Dutch and South African accounting, tax and regulatory requirements, as well as to provide business advisory services to our Dutch and Dutch-speaking clients in South Africa.

Professionals of the Dutch desk work closely with our colleagues of the Mazars office in the Netherlands to cater for the diverse needs of clients and to advise Dutch companies in their investments and operations in South Africa. Our Dutch desk is also the gateway for our South African clients to our wide expertise and teams based in Europe. The cross-border experience of our team enables us to understand and develop solutions to meet the rapid needs of those operating in different jurisdictions and locations.