Sustainability report 2021

For the 2021 reporting year, we challenged ourselves and our teams towards an enhanced appreciation for quality. To connect the dots and realise the value of a holistic quality contribution from each of us. Our sustainability report, therefore, is our statement of intent for achieving quality in all areas of our business, especially for our work for our clients. It is a commitment to creating a working environment that promotes quality of life. We go beyond the basic understanding to foster investment in each of us to deliver our best potential.

Our theme for this year's report is "quality to the core". Our sustainability report details how we have focussed on quality education, quality engagements, quality lifestyle & balance, and quality learning. Our people remain a key focus. 

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"The theme of this sustainability report, being "quality to the core", speaks to our commitment to reflect on where we can improve from the inside out" 

Michelle Olckers, Co-CEO

"Our firms' foundation is built on our values and we aspire to integrate the behaviours that are associated therewith in everything we do. We strive for excellence and to be recognized as a firm of exceptional reputation and value" 

Anoop Ninan, Co-CEO