How to respond to fraud during lockdown

Unfortunately, criminals do not go on lockdown, and there have been multiple examples of scams being perpetrated during this time of crisis.

Immediate Fraud Response

If an incident is identified, it is critical to act effectively and immediately. The response below aims to assist you with guidelines to respond and implement appropriate, immediate action.

Step 1:  Determine the seriousness

What has occurred? Has there been a financial loss? Who is involved? Who can sensitive information be shared with?

Step 2:  Mitigate your risk

Stop any further losses by limiting access to your assets (for example, through physical access control, removal of authorisation on bank accounts, transfer of assets, limit access to company data, etc.).

Step 3:  Secure the evidence

Take control of any physical and electronic evidence to ensure nothing is destroyed and all relevant information is preserved.

Step 4:  Conduct an investigation

Are you able to address the matter or do you require external forensic assistance? Contact us for forensic and cyber forensic assistance if required.

Step 5:  Take action on investigation results

Take disciplinary action against employees who have crossed the line. Report the matter to SAPS if it involves COVID-19 and if a crime has been committed. Report the matter to your insurer to determine whether losses can be recovered.

Please be assured that our Forensic Team is fully operational and available telephonically and online to deal with any fraud and/or corrupt activity. We are also in direct contact with the SAPS and Hawks to ensure matters are reported and investigated. Our Forensic Team, details available to the right of this page, can be contacted via email, landline, and cell.