HR Advisory

Enabling talent assessments anytime, anywhere. Assisting you with talent assessment solutions that enable you to make better talent decisions and improve talent performance.

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) brings forth fundamental changes in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in human development enabled by extraordinary technological advances. At Mazars, we aim to keep our service offerings relevant by gearing our talent assessment solutions to accommodate and incorporate future needs.

The end goal

The minimization of poor talent decisions which negatively affects the bottom line.

The question remains how?

Potential strategies to consider include:

  • Developing a robust talent identification and selection process that is aligned with overall talent management architecture.
  • Obtaining a clear picture of what constitutes and enables success for specific roles within the organisation.
  • Making use of technology and artificial intelligence to improve Talent Assessment efficiency, which includes a reduction in assessment administration and turn-around times, implementing effective reporting strategies, enhancing candidate experiences and reducing cost by means of:
  • The use of high volume low-cost social media screening methodologies to build and sustain a robust talent pool. 
  • The use of candidate-centric smartphone assessments which provides candidates easy access to assessments.

Benefits to your business 

The business benefits regarding the use of assessments in the workplace are well established. Recently, our best-of-breed assessment product partner, cut-e (an Aon company) has released several research results which confirm these real-world benefits. SHL’s 2018 Global Assessment Trends Report indicates that assessments continue to be an integral part of several key HR priorities. Organisations are currently using assessments for high-potential identification (82%), leadership development (82%), external hiring (79%), career development (79%), and internal hiring (72%).

Our assessment solutions 

Mazars assists clients with talent assessment solutions that enable them to make better talent decisions and improve talent performance. We specialise in the design, implementation and delivery of simple, efficient and integrated online assessments and reporting.

Our investment in on-line assessment platforms allow for:

The use of a wide range of scientifically sound assessment tools from reputable South African and international test developers that include personality, values and 360-degree questionnaires; reasoning, situational judgement and skills tests; competency-based interview guides; and customised assessments.

The integration of products from several assessment tool developers. The generation of Intelligent Talent Match Reports.

Quick turn-around times and proficient yet simplified assessment administration techniques.

  • Our understanding of talent management frameworks and competency models enable us to assist you in aligning talent assessments with various cost-efficient talent management processes.
  • Our assessment model provides a holistic framework for individual assessment which is based on years of validation research and a practical understanding of the factors that lead to performance effectiveness.
  • Our delivery team consists of some of the best qualified and most experienced industrial psychologists in the area of individual assessment.

Flexible delivery options allow us to customise our services to suit your needs and a variety of pricing models ensures affordability for both corporates and SME’s. Our processes and methodologies ensure a positive candidate experience which enforces and builds your employer brand.