B-BBEE Made simple: low cost digital solution

Mazars cloud-based digital tool is a cost-effective and flexible B-BBEE compliance management software solution for small to medium businesses that want to simplify and reduce the cost of calculating and managing their B-BBEE compliance process.

With Mazars cloud-based digital tool, small to medium companies can easily calculate their own B-BBEE scorecard and prepare themselves for a hassle-free, digital B-BBEE scorecard audit. 

The tool can be used internally by your own employees, or in conjunction with your Mazars B-BBEE consultant and verification agency.   All of the tool's users have on-demand access to B-BBEE experts via LiveChat, email or phone.

What is the value of a digital B-BBEE tool?

Mazars gives you the assurance that your scorecard will be accurately calculated. The tool enables companies to manage their own B-BBEE process with limited or no outside assistance. More and more consultants and verification agencies are moving towards digital tool use, enabling a more seamless, automated and digital B-BBEE process. Data and evidence can be stored within the software and reused for subsequent scorecards, reducing rework for future scorecard calculation and verification.

Mazars clients have access to different software packages enabling teams to decide how much functionality they want to use at a cost point that suits their budget.  Mazars offers the option of bundling consulting services and/or verification onto the tools various software packages.

What are the typical savings in time and cost?

Companies save time and money as they can now easily calculate and manage their own B-BBEE scorecard on most sector charter scorecards, and can prepare for the verification of their B-BBEE scorecard internally.  Data is easily uploaded into the software and supplier B-BBEE compliance is automatically pulled directly from the Beagle B-BBEE scorecard database to automatically calculate Preferential Procurement. 

To find out more about our digital verification option, please contact a Mazars B-BBEE consultant today.