Infrastructure finance

Laying the foundations of a successful project.

As global demand for infrastructure and energy grows, we help operators, public authorities, lenders and investors meet their objectives and manage their risks. We provide support across the world, wherever they wish to procure, develop, finance, operate or own infrastructure assets.

Infrastructure plays an important role for all businesses and society, but is an area of increasing complexity. We combine technical expertise with deep sector experience to provide our clients with a single, integrated team that delivers a seamless, consistent experience in every market they are in. 

We believe robust, transparent modelling is an essential foundation for all transactions. We have world-leading experience in financial modelling across the energy, infrastructure and environment sectors. Our modeling standard is recognized as a best-in-class methodology, and our experienced modelling teams train individuals and in-house teams to build robust transparent models using the Mazars standard.

Mazars is trusted by the world’s leading infrastructure and energy investors, developers and owners to provide independent assurance on their models. Our robust shadow modelling approach and methodology delivers superior results and assurance.

For transaction support, we bring together national and international experience alongside specialist expertise (such as tax, accounting and due diligence) as demanded by the needs of each client and transaction.

Our infrastructure finance team can help you with:

  • Financial model audit applying rigorous quality control criteria
  • Financial modelling using the Mazars modelling standard
  • Financial modelling training courses (online or in-person) for general project finance, PPP, M&A and individual sectors
  • Transaction support and advice
  • Independent valuation services, ranging from asset and portfolio valuation to acting as the valuation agent for listed funds
  • Integrated due diligence covering financial, tax and model due diligence
  • Infrastructure tax and accounting opinions for local and cross-border issues.
  • Asset management services, including accounting, compliance, reporting, and operational modelling


The team has a broad range of relationships with potential partners and equity funders on the African continent from the firm’s existing client base which includes some of the largest international infrastructure companies and asset managers. This is complemented by strong relationships with banks, development finance institutions, and other multi-laterals, together with debt and equity capital markets experience on the African continent

We offer a full range of services to both private and public sector bodies. Whether you are a public sector procurer of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project or a seasoned private sector developer or fund, we aim to complement, not duplicate, your strengths.

  • Financial Modelling: We place financial modeling at the heart of our advisory offering.  Our dedicated financial modeling team specialises in building best practice financial models.
  • Project Advisory: We offer a whole life project approach to project finance – from development and financial close to the operational phase of projects.
  • Renewable Energy Sector:  we provide a full range of bespoke services to developers, funds, and banks from the renewable energy sector, drawing on the combined skills and expertise of our energy team focusing on the Wind, Solar, Biomass and energy efficiency sectors.
  • Energy Sector:  we provide a full range of bespoke services to developers, funds, and banks from the renewable energy sector, drawing on the combined skills and expertise of our energy team focusing on the Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution on the African continent.

Our experienced team will provide you with a fully integrated service across the full suite of taxation, accounting and financial reporting assurance, and financial modelling over the life of your project.

North Africa: We can draw on the experience of 250 professionals in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, and Tunisia in order to assist local companies and institutions, as well as large international groups, with their development.

West and Central Africa: We have a presence in the key countries in West and Central Africa. Operating in six units, we also support companies in neighbouring countries. In total, we have the capacity to operate in 15 countries on West and Central Africa through our integrated and correspondent offices. 

East Africa: With offices in Kenya, Djibouti, Madagascar, and Mauritius, we support a wide cross-section of clients including manufacturing concerns, co-operative societies, local authorities, parastatals, charitable and non-governmental organisations, sole proprietors and private companies. We also work with international donors in monitoring the use of funds granted to various projects in the region.