Forensic Investigation and Compliance

From fraud or theft to money laundering or bribery, anyone can be a victim of a financial crime. Mazars in South Africa can ensure increased regulation and a greater focus on compliance for your business through our Forensic Investigation and Compliance services. Nip corruption in the bud with our awareness training; digital forensic analysis; and dispute and litigation support.

In today’s connected world, any company can be a victim of fraud or corruption. Fortunately, increased regulation and a greater focus on compliance are driving more investigations into these financial crimes. As organisations seek to limit reputational and financial damage, disputes and investigations require discretion and expertise.

At Mazars, we harness cutting-edge technology in our forensic investigations to ensure that our clients have all the evidence they need. We pride ourselves on our ability to undertake in-depth investigations while remaining sensitive to businesses’ concerns around minimising disruption. For accounting investigations, our experts have extensive experience in fraud investigations, regulatory investigations, tax investigations and corruption cases, including those under the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act.

Our approach

Once a problem is identified, we involve specialists who can quantify and recover the losses and prevent similar problems from occurring in the future. We offer training to in-house teams and assist with proactive work such as risk profiling; evaluation of internal controls; fraud awareness courses; and crime surveys. We also have extensive experience in the specialised discipline of continuous integrity monitoring.

We always try to be future-focused at Mazars and therefore our forensic technology team have cutting-edge data analytics tools and algorithms at their disposal. This technology provides data mining and forensic analysis services in connection to complex investigations and dispute resolution assignments. Data from multiple sources, including mobile phones, can be centrally stored on our premises in a forensically sound image that facilitates quick identification of problematic transactions which can be used as evidence in court. As additional specialist services, password recovery and data decryption are available to provide further evidence.

Our people 

Our team of dedicated specialists offer an international service and regularly advise both national and international corporations and law firms. Apart from having led complex internal investigations, our expert witnesses and investigation partners have also given evidence in court and arbitrations making them well equipped for any forensic challenge.

Our services 

We offer a range of proactive and reactive forensic services which include the following:

•     Business intelligence:

1)  Individual (e.g. pre-screening of employees)

2)  Business (e.g. profiling and vendor due diligence)

•     Forensic investigations into alleged fraud, corruption and theft, for the purposes of:

1) Disciplinary proceedings

2) Criminal and or civil litigation

•     Fraud awareness training

•     General fraud and anti­corruption consulting

•     Fraud prevention programmes such as:

1) Organisational fraud and anti­corruption awareness surveys

2) Development of fraud and anti­corruption policies and codes of conduct

3) Assessment, monitoring and review of fraud and anti­corruption policies and programmes

4) Anti-money laundering policies and programmes

•     Mazars Ethics Hotline Reporting Services

•     Data analysis

•     Dispute resolution

•     Litigation support, which includes:

1) Preparation of claims (insurance, breach of contract and business interruption claims)

2) Asset tracing

3) Presentation of expert testimony

•     Digital forensic analysis which includes data imaging, recovery, extraction and analysis


Some of the industries and sectors in which we have worked include:

•     Education

•     Health 

•     Local and regional government

•     Parastatals and State-Owned Enterprises (SOE)

•     Public interest entities (listed companies)

•     Transport and logistics

•     Travel, tourism and hospitality

•     Manufacturing


Please feel free to reach out to one of our experts below for more information on our forensic services.