Compliance and Tax Management

By making use of the latest cutting-edge tax management software, we will ensure that your tax returns are accurate and complete, limiting human error and minimising your tax liability.


Our expertise in Tax covers a range of areas including:

  • Tax Accounting
  • Compliance and Tax Management
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Corporate Tax
  • Indirect Tax
  • International Tax
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Private Clients

Corporate Tax Compliance services we offer our clients include:

  • Preparation, completion, and submission of the annual income tax return and relevant supporting schedules
  • Checking of all assessments and statement of accounts received in respect of annual tax returns, including revised assessments
  • Lodging notices of objection and appeals against incorrect or disputed assessments
  • Attending to queries from SARS on your behalf in respect of any contentious or disputed matters
  • Preparation and submission of provisional tax returns and advise on the extent of appropriate provisional tax payments
  • Registration of taxpayer for SARS e-filing and any amendments to the e-filing profile
  • Registration as income taxpayer, provisional taxpayer, PAYE registrations, Customs registrations and/or registration as VAT vendor
  • Attending to tax clearance certificates
  • Completion of Dividend Withholding tax returns
  • Completion of Interest Withholding tax returns, including bi-annual and annual returns
  • Completion of Royalties Withholding tax returns
  • Attending to and acting as your tax advisor in all matters which you specifically refer to us

The benefits of these services to our clients include:

  • Added value based on our understanding of your individual goals and objectives and our commitment to building successful long term business relationships
  • Practical knowledge of the insurance industry and technical expertise from our staff who have a depth of experience in the industry
  • Competitive pricing and considerable value for money
  • Strong relationships with our clients facilitated by our partner-led approach and clear regular communication with our clients
  • A strong presence in the jurisdictions in which our clients operate
  • Ongoing support including regular seminars for clients, tax e-updates and secondment or on-site consulting opportunities.

We are also proud of our cross-border links, working closely with colleagues in other countries. For details of the tax services provided by our US colleagues, please click here


  • Tax registration
  •  Provisional tax returns
  •  Income tax returns
  • Supplementary (IT14SD) reconciliations and returns
  • Withholding tax returns (e.g. dividends, interest and royalties)
  • Applications in respect of the Voluntary Disclosure Programme
  •  Tax clearance certificates and Tax directives

Individuals and trusts

  • Tax registration
  •  Provisional tax returns
  • Income tax returns
  • Withholding tax returns (e.g. dividends, interest and royalties)
  • Ad hoc returns e.g. donations
  •  Applications in respect of the Voluntary Disclosure Programme
  •  Tax clearance certificates and Tax directives
  •  Residency certificates