Taxation presents arguably the most dynamic and complex challenge in the context of financial planning.

Ever changing legislation and rules are matched only by the new methods devised to make the discharging of tax liabilities as efficient as possible.

When it comes to tax planning and strategy, every case is unique. Our approach remains versatile with an awareness that individual issues must be dealt with on their own merits but with the overall, long-term considerations always in mind.

Whether you are the tax director of a multi-national group, an owner manager, an individual setting up a trust or in receipt of a trust income, an employee or a Public Benefit Organisation, we make sure you don’t pay more tax than is necessary and that your activities remain tax efficient.

We also value the importance of relationships, especially over the long-term. Getting to know your needs over time means we will become more knowledgeable of your affairs and can react proactively to changing tax requirements in line with your own special circumstances.

Mazars' tax services cover a number of broad areas.


Doing Business in South Africa

The Business and Taxation Guide South Africa, provides an insightful overview for companies who are interested in doing business in South Africa. This guide contains all the information you need to best understand our legislative environment and tax regime enabling you to make the best decisions about starting a business in the country.

Compliance and Tax Management

By making use of the latest cutting-edge tax management software, we will ensure that your tax returns are accurate and complete, limiting human error and minimising your tax liability.

Corporate Tax Advice

Structuring companies so that they benefit from high operational performance and legal protection, whilst ensuring that they don’t pay more tax than is necessary, provides the foundation for many a successful business. And, as you grow you must be certain that expansion will not be hampered by unforeseen liabilities.

International Tax

In an ever-changing global landscape where multinational organisations have to navigate legislative, regulatory and tax developments, Mazars is able to adapt and provide pertinent international tax advice to its clients. Through our worldwide offices and the Praxity Alliance, Mazars has vast international coverage and experience.

Tax Accounting

The complex regulatory accounting environment in which we find ourselves today increases the need to have up to date knowledge of relevant accounting standards and their relationship with tax. Our highly qualified chartered accountants are able to assist with a wide range of accounting related tax issues.

Indirect Tax

The increasing complexities of indirect taxation such as VAT continue to present onerous responsibilities to business.