Private Sector

We offer an extensive range of innovative learning and development services to enable Thought Leadership, Innovation, Skills Transfer and Performance in our client audiences.


We have the capability to design, develop, implement, manage and evaluate learning processes and programmes.  We work with clients to identify their needs and requirements and develop programmes, which utilise all aspects of blended learning to address these needs.

Skilfully combining e-learning with classroom learning, while incorporating high levels of interaction, we ensure that programmes and processes meet the strategic requirements identified by the client.


We offer a library of business-relevant, interactive programmes that have been specifically developed to address the needs of the business community.  Each programme offers content directly applicable to the work environment and enables clients to have direct access to the experienced industry specialist responsible for delivering the learning.

The programmes are offered as a ‘learning journey’ and individuals are encouraged to embark on this interactive process.  The ‘learning journey’ features three ‘destinations’, in the form of workshop dates, and progresses to a logical final outcome – enhanced understanding and capability in a particular subject category.

Each expedition includes the blended learning approach of e-learning, in-class workshops, interactive assignments and access to subject-specialist coaches. 

The library of programmes currently available includes:

Trailblazers   – an examination of modern day leadership requirements

Raving Fans  – a review of the keys to effective customer care

High Performance People  – an exploration of the skills required to get the most out of    people

Bridge Builders  – a blueprint of how to strategically integrate sales & marketing