Mazars Hour

Time is precious and, in business, it is all too easy to neglect company fundamentals. Isn’t it the right time to refocus your business? In just one hour, we are able to provide you with a structured assessment of your business.

Business success depends on four fundamentals: Business, People, Finance and Future and the balance between them. 

  • Business: reputation and market position, strategy, product and service
  • People: strategic management, culture and communication, change management, HR
  • Finance: operational performance, risk management, cash flows
  • Future: innovative thinking with a vision for the future, future leadership

 What is the Mazars Hour?

Mazars Hour is a structured framework, which we have developed based on our years of experience working with entrepreneurs and owner-managers of businesses across all economic sectors. Essentially, it is an approach by which we assess a business against the four abovementioned fundamentals, and provide a diagnostic analysis in, as the name suggests, one hour.

How does it work?

Two Mazars professionals conduct an informal one-hour meeting with members of your management team where questions about your business are posed within the context of the four fundamentals. At the end of the hour, we provide you with an assessment of your business performance and produce a report based upon these fundamentals, which highlights any areas of concern within your business.

How does the Mazars Hour benefit you?

The benefit of Mazars Hour varies from business to business depending on the particular needs of the company. In our experience, a Mazars Hour session will typically:

  • provide interesting, independent and easy to use observations about your business
  • provide invaluable insight into one or more particular areas
  • highlight danger areas where attention may be required
  • provide comfort to your management team by offering independent confirmation of your business’ existing strengths.

Of course, the session can be extended and issues explored in more detail so that we can help you isolate any problem and focus on its resolution. In today’s business world, we are aware that time is precious and that’s why we have developed and refined a tool that offers detailed business analysis in just one hour.

Here’s what others have said:

“We found the Mazars hour very useful on a number of levels. Although we didn’t expect Mazars to get much of a handle on our business in the time allocated, some of their observations were one that we knew ourselves but it was useful to get the outside affirmation. Other observations were new to us and subsequent activities have benefited from these insights”

“Having attended the Mazars Hour we were most impressed by the process and the facilitators. It allowed our management team to take stock and open up a forum to assess our business model, people and finance on a regular basis”


A personal touch backed by big experience

Mazars works with a wide range of entrepreneurial and owner-managed business offering a complete range of business, tax and advisory services from a network of local offices.

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