COVID-19 Sector Specific Insights

Different sectors have been affected in different ways and what applies in one industry doesn't always cross successfully or apply in another Here we break down COVID-19 advice by sector.


Covid-19 and the world of private equity

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08/06/2020 We have surveyed private equity firms and investors to understand the challenges, level of optimism and response strategies as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

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What will transport and logistics look like in the post Covid-19 era?

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16/04/20 The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on transport and logistics has been heterogenous, largely due to the diversity of and vast number of players in the sector. The cards have not been dealt evenly. Flightradar24 reports a 55% drop in commercial flights compared to March 2019 [1], whilst sales of food in supermarkets exceeded the Christmas shops many times over in the UK [2], with incidence on the related logistics. Business continuity has been the number one priority for most organisations, yet looking to the future and planning strategically for the post-crisis period should be at the top of the agenda too.

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How Covid-19 affects the media sector

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20/04/2020 As people spend more time at home, content providers are caught between increased customer demand, fierce competition and falling advertising revenues. While some stand to gain from new working arrangements, others are losing this new commercial battle. Free content that hooks users in these changing times could be the key to long-term success.

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Major Covid-19 risk considerations for the banking sector

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03/04/2020 As we continue to feel the effects of the global pandemic, the banking sector, like many other sectors, now faces unprecedented uncertainty. While banks are generally going into this pandemic in a stronger position than the global financial crisis of 2008, the current environment presents challenges for standard accounting procedures and processes that could impact a bank's risk profile.

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Tourism Relief Fund for SMMEs

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The Tourism Relief Fund provides once-off capped grant assistance to Small Micro and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMMEs) in the tourism value chain to ensure their sustainability during and post the implementation of government measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 in South Africa.

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Covid19 – VAT relief for exporters and certain imports

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As a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic, borders being closed globally and the current 21 day nationwide lockdown effective 27 March 2020, exporters have been prohibited from exporting goods from South Africa. From a VAT perspective, direct and indirect exports can be zero-rated (i.e. VAT charged at 0%) if the goods are exported within a specific time frame and subject to specific documents being obtained within a prescribed timeframe.

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