Whatever your situation, you will need your financial models to be relevant, reliable and robust.

Corporations and financial institutions are facing an increasingly risk-based business environment, which brings added obligations for improved reporting of information and more robust and transparent analysis. Mazars can provide spreadsheet-based financial models which are central to these reporting and analysis functions.

The Mazars financial modelling team acts as a global centre of excellence, providing the firm with expert model audit and financial model building services in support of critical business decisions.

Mazars’ ‘fresh approach’ to financial audit responds to the requirements of both funders and shareholders in an era of competitive dialogue. We offer early stage “health checks”, contingent fee structures and will offer a separate, non-subordinate duty of care to shareholders. We have established partnerships with the leading providers of operational models and can offer a joined-up model build and assurance service which helps companies manage their operational risk and maximise shareholder returns.

If you are considering a new project, a robust and reliable financial model is required to make key decisions.

The Mazars financial modelling team builds financial models that can be used by our clients to support business critical decisions.  In all our work, we adhere to best practice standards which ensure our models are relevant, reliable, robust and readily understood.  We believe financial modelling is fundamentally simple, provided it is approached in a structured and disciplined manner. It need be neither mathematically complex, nor involve computer programming as such. We focus on a transparent model structure and clear, crisp modelling style.

With our experienced staff we are able to offer a high quality model build which caters to your needs, and supports your most important decisions.

Mazars provides a relevant, robust, reliable and readily understood service.