Resolution: Effectively compete for talent

• Create a strong talent brand
• Source and attract hard-to-find skills
• Make the right hiring decisions

You know how difficult it can be to fill positions at the right time. There’s a vast pool of available people in South Africa, but finding the right person with the right skills, when you need them, is sometimes a matter of timing and luck.

So what usually happens when someone in a critical position resigns? If you have a carefully thought out succession plan, then you have someone ‘waiting in the wings’ to take up the role. Good news; Job done!

Without a succession plan, or where you have no-one suitable on hand to take over the role, your business is put at some risk; and in these cases you have to find (‘attract’ and ‘source’), select and hire someone, from a vast number of applicants as quickly as possible. Worse still, your sourcing efforts may not attract the right person at all, and so you will be left to choose the best from a less-than-perfect talent pool of applicants; or start the process over again. It can take up to 6 months to find a suitable qualified candidate in some cases.

We can help you take the ‘chance’ out of your hiring decisions by supporting you to make a few simple improvements that will reduce the time to hire, and the risk of making the wrong choice. 


Let’s face it; it really is a battle-ground out there. There is massive competition for high-potential talent in South Africa. So, why would anyone want to work for your organisation rather than one of your competitors? Do you show that you’re a great employer through your communications to the market? Do you make your organisation ‘attractive’ to the talented individuals your organisation needs?   

The days of assuming that paying a market-related salary and providing expected benefits will attract the best people are definitely over – you know that. Those kind of tangible rewards are the norm. Nowadays, an employee (of any generation) wants and expects more from their job and employer; more in the way of a satisfying place to work that provides more opportunities for them to make the most of their strengths.

Let’s leave the new-age things like workplace flexibility and work-life balance out of the equation right now; but ask yourself: as a business leader, do I create a sense of belonging for my employees; a reason to get up in the morning; a caring environment? You probably do - but are you ‘bragging’ about it?

Creating a strong talent brand is more about marketing and less about cost – it’s about defining and describing your current culture - all the reasons why people have been with you for years - rather than reinventing it. We can help you to do this.

And where improvements can be made, we will advise you on how to make low-cost adjustments that will provide a serious return on investment when it comes to attracting and retaining the right people in your business for you to ensure you achieve your business goals. 


Once you have defined an authentic talent brand, you should include this message in your recruitment advertisements. There are ways to use this talent branding internally to improve employee retention, but that’s for discussion in another #Resolution.

There are many channels to attract the right talent to your organisation and your choice will be most suited to your market. Perhaps there is a specific print media you have found success with in the past that also helps you to advertise your product or service? But most cost effective and successful of late is the use of social media and ‘job boards’. 

We will help you to define the most effective channel for your business and assist in the recruitment process. Alternatively we are able to take on an assignment to recruit for a specific hard-to-fill role to save you the time in the sourcing and short-listing process and to advise on your final selection decision.


We understand the art of ‘gut-feel’ that guides your selection choice; we’d like to suggest we throw in a little science to make your decision more watertight.

First off, we gather input from a variety of sources (you, the current role holder, the manager, subordinates or clients perhaps) to define the job you’re looking to fill, both for now and into the future. This ‘role profile’ will detail not just technical skills, but also management and leadership skills (if appropriate) along with essential client relationship skills and personality traits that will help to select the right kind of person ‘fit’ for that role and the culture of your organisation.

Then, using this role profile, validated by you, we recommend a selection process that could involve any combination of tests (technical and / or psychometric) and interviews (in varying formats, individual, panel, role pay scenarios etc.). We will then compile this rich data to assist you in making the best selection decision in combination with your ‘gut feel’. 


Keep an eye out for our regular postings regarding different people related challenges you may be facing. We are referring to them as #Resolutions because they are things most businesses wish they could get right but lack time and capacity or capability to make them ‘habits’.

Mazars HR Advisory will coach and guide your current HR practitioners to ensure they are able to turn the resolutions into habits that will work for your business to help you achieve your business goals.