Why the need for an assessment tool?

With the publication of King III, many organisations are faced with the complex task of assessing their current governance frameworks, practices and behaviours against those outlined in the King III report. After much analysis, a practical way in which organisations can assess these has been introduced. King III applies to companies with financial year-ends commencing on or after 1 March 2010.

The benefits of using the Governance Assessment Instrument include:

Good corporate governance
Completing the self-assessment will provide your Board and organisation with a clear understanding of where you stand and what further steps are necessary for you to comply with the principles of King III.

Effortless, simple and time-saving
The dashboard is web-based and easily accessible for on-going assessment. It has been developed to reduce complication and ensure a smooth and simple method of evaluating whether your organisation is at an acceptable level of adoption.

Comprehensive reporting
A PDF report summarising the outcomes of your assessment will be available to you as soon as you’ve completed the dashboard. The report will provide you with a complete review of your organisation’s current standing, your future, desired standing and what needs to be done to bridge this gap.