Proactive Forensic Services

Fraud awareness training and consulting
Ethical and Confidential Reporting Hotline
Business Intelligence
Data mining and analysis

Fraud awareness training and consulting

Without your employees being sensitised to the risk of fraud, your business will be vulnerable to fraud. Mazars Forensic Services work with you to develop a culture where there is "zero tolerance" to fraud and where fraud does occur, it is dealt with as quickly and as effectively as possible wherever it happens in the organisation.

Fraud prevention programmes

Tailor-made forensic solutions are integral in the implementation of fraud prevention programmes. These include designing and conducting organisational anti-corruption surveys, developing fraud policies and codes of conduct and reviewing systems, processes, policies and the like to prevent fraud.

Hotline services

Tip-offs via hotlines administered by third parties have been shown to be more effective in highlighting fraud, corruption and/or irregular conduct at an early stage than internal audit controls or external audits.  Mazars Forensic Services provides an easily accessible and reliable channel for whistle blowing used to report any such incidences and activities of interest to you and your entity.

Business intelligence

Forensic services offered include both individual checks such as pre-screening of prospective employees and developing business profiles, with due regard to data privacy protection issues.

Data mining and analysis

Large sets of data are often profitably analysed by using various computer programs, which allows us to identify trends that can assist you to manage your business more effectively. We can for example, analyse vendor and employee data and see if there are any overlaps that could indicate possible procurement fraud irregularities.