Corporate Finance

Mazars Corporate Finance has been integral in the planning, execution and delivery of many strategic and complex business transactions and has the expertise that comes only from repeatedly completing successful transactions and business dealings for companies and corporations in South Africa and beyond.


The Corporate Finance team has broad experience in a variety of disciplines, ranging from valuations, transaction support and capital raising to mergers and acquisitions, due diligences, JSE-related work and corporate restructuring. Our wealth of knowledge, skill and experience affords us the ability to provide creative and inventive solutions across a variety of sectors and for every size of enterprise. Through the Mazars network, we are able to offer multinational and international clients our complete business advisory service across borders, providing our international clients with the knowledge and peace of mind that all their business advisory requirements will be fulfilled.

Since inception in 2006, Mazars Corporate Finance has been able to develop solid networks and invaluable business relationships across South Africa, allowing for substantial business synergies both internally and for its clients. This adds enormous value to any transaction, as it provides clients with an added dimension of value often so crucial in today's economic climate.

Often clients approach us because they want to improve their business processes, 'pick our brains' or 'leverage off our experience' to gain valuable insight into their businesses.

The various options that are available are usually identified and then through a system of careful analysis and scenario planning, the most suitable solution is identified and presented to the client.

Our experience, networks and skills provide Mazars Corporate Finance with an excellent base from which to provide clients with a range of solutions to seemingly endless problems.

The 'partnering' with clients as opposed to client/advisor relationship gives Mazars Corporate Finance an edge in providing well thought out and cost effective options and solutions.

Transaction Support

Business valuations are often required by business entities in the general course of doing business in a competitive corporate environment.

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JSE-Related Work

Mazars Corporate Finance is accredited to perform JSE-related work both in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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Corporate Restructuring and Business Combinations

The Corporate Finance team draws upon specialised experience in managing, and often eliminating, the tax exposures ordinarily arising from a reconstruction or rationalisation of corporate groups, and the formation of new business combinations by way of take-overs and mergers.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

The origination, facilitation and execution of corporate transactions form the bedrock of any Corporate Finance team. The Mazars Mergers and Acquisitions team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service offering to a variety of clients from listed corporations and investment institutions to high net-worth clients and private equity funds. With an international perspective on mergers and acquisitions activity, Mazars is able to source and identify prospective investors and strategic partners for your business in the shortest possible time and with the highest confidentiality.

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