Mazars appoints director for new IT Advisory division

Mazars South Africa, as part of its strategy to further grow its advisory services, has announced the appointment of Terence Govender as Director of its newly established IT Advisory division.

 The firm recently formed this new division, which is aimed at ensuring businesses remain relevant in their markets and unlocking value through innovation. “Essentially, this division assists our stakeholders in making the right decisions regarding the sustainability of their businesses, as well as the systems and technologies that underpin their success. Evolving tech and innovation such as blockchain, machine learning and automation, as well as appropriate governance and data protection, are integral to this,” Govender explains.

Anoop Ninan, co-CEO of Mazars South Africa adds that the company is proud to have engaged the services of experienced professionals like Govender. “He is a highly educated, experienced individual with both the technical expertise and the drive that his new role within Mazars will demand.”

 Govender’s time in the industry spans 23 years, of which the last 10 have been spent in C- level roles. Prior to working at Mazars, Govender was in partnership with a boutique consultancy business focusing on a similar portfolio with specialisation in IT governance, risk compliance and cyber resilience. In addition to being the CIO and COO for blue chip JSE-listed organisations, he has also been involved with numerous start-ups in the last three years. Govender also coaches budding entrepreneurs, which he considers his social responsibility.


Boasting an impressive academic résumé, Govender holds qualifications in Microsoft, COBIT, ITIL, Diploma Electronics, an MBA from Oxford Brookes and a post graduate diploma in Advanced Strategy from the University of SA.


“We are immensely proud to welcome Terence in his new role and wish him all the best as he breaks new ground for our firm,” concludes Ninan.    

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