Regain Baloyi

The month of August is dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating all women. We pay special tribute to more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in August 1956.
In acknowledgement, we interviewed a few of our Mazarian trainees across the country. They spoke to us about their inspirations, how they got into the field and much more.
Meet Regain Baloyi, Trainee Accountant at Mazars in Pretoria.

We are always interested in learning more about our trainees. Tell our readers more about yourself and the journey in your particular field. 

My journey has not been a smooth ride, I struggled to obtain my CTA to a point where I wanted to give up but because it is not in my nature to give up I continued to work hard. What truly liberated me was realising that there is more to life than being CA (SA) and don’t get me wrong I am still working hard to obtain it, but the difference between now and then is knowing that the title does not define me.  

What attracted you to Mazars? What stood out about the firm? 

What stood out is the people I have met during my interview, they definitely made a good impression as it is important to be in a healthy working environment. 

From your perspective, what makes a great leader? 

There are so many characteristics that make a great leader, you need to know the people you are leading in order to help them reach their goal because without the people there is no one to lead, this is where emotional intelligence plays a big role in how a leader interacts with people as they may be from different background, culture, race, religion etc.  

List some of your favourite “she-roes”: 

Sarah Jakes Roberts 

Mpoomy Ledwaba 

What inspires me about these two women is not being afraid to do it all; that is being a wife, mother and a businesswoman. As women we are often put in a small box, it’s either you are a career woman or a wife but can’t be both or that you can only show a small part of who you are. Now we live in a generation where we allow ourselves to be multidimensional and being able to embrace every side that makes us who we are as women. 

From your experience within your career thus far, do you have any messages for future female graduates heading into the same field? 

CA (SA) is a long journey which requires a lot of focus and hard work, therefore, it is important to enjoy the journey as life is not a race and you will also learn many things that are going to make up who you are. 

What is the best career advice you have ever received? This could be from a colleague, relative or a lecturer.  

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Share some of your favourite highlights since starting at Mazars. This could be work-related or even everyday interactions with your office colleagues.  

The favourite highlight would be the people that I have met at Mazars, some of which have become my friends. I think working with good people matters as it creates a healthy working environment. 

Do you feel the COVID-19 pandemic has changed your view on the general work environment in any way? 

Definitely, I think new technologies are going to be a necessity in order for companies to operate effectively. Also realizing that some industries don’t necessarily need office space but can work remotely from the comfort of their own homes, however, this also comes with a much higher level of responsibilities and being accountable with our work. 

How have you maintained focus and motivation in the face of changes brought by the pandemic? Highlight something important during your day-to-day, that helps you cope with certain challenges. 

I made sure that I had a routine in order to keep myself motivated during weekdays 

I started exercising mostly to keep myself sane as some days it gets overwhelming  

Talking to my family every day has really helped me to cope with everything that is happening in our county right now.  

What do you think the future of audit, tax and advisory looks like in South Africa?  

Audit plays a crucial role in the economy by creating order in the financial markets as users of financial statements can form views about the audited entities based on trustworthy financial results. Due to the current events, the stakeholders need comfort that the financial information that they are receiving can be relied upon as a result auditors have to be intentional about improving the audit quality. 

Working remotely may be the new norm going forward as we have managed for almost three months to work from home.