Regulatory and compliance

Our sector specialist teams provide advice to a wide range of businesses of varying sizes. We work closely with our clients to find solutions to complex regulatory and compliance challenges.

Regulatory and compliance requirements for the banking sector are ever-increasing.

On the regulatory side, The number of reports banks are required to prepare is continuing to rise. Timely completion of all the documents and templates, and ensuring consistency among them and compliance with the regulatory requirements, is becoming a challenge for firms.

Mazars’ sound understanding of regulatory requirements and practical experience in drafting and reviewing regulatory reporting allows us to support you in preparing documents and returns that meet the regulators’ expectations whilst ensuring consistency between them.

Moreover, International and SA regulators have increased their focus on risk management and risk culture since the financial crisis revealed failings in these areas to be one of the root causes. Banks should have in place a robust risk management framework within a sound risk culture. Identifying areas for improvement and filling the gaps can turn this apparent challenge into a growth opportunity by actually optimising risk-returns while ensuring resilience against failure.