Competition in many sectors is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, firms are pressured to free-up and redistribute resources to optimize service delivery, reduce costs and secure growth. All of this, in an economy where a battle for talent is ongoing and external influences such as unreliable power supply and stagnating economic growth are disturbing business efforts.

Many firms want value for money and are looking to optimize their overhead spendings. However, in their effort to adjust cost structures and value delivery, firms are struggling to get a hold of reliable business data and benchmarks that can be used as objective reference guide. Overhead Cost Benchmarks can provide decision-makers with valuable insights on their overhead and its costs and how it compares to the industry average.


Benchmarking will give you insights on costs and volume of your support staff and management (overhead) compared to other companies in your industry or sector. In other words, we will provide you with strategically relevant information about your overhead that will help you manage and control your overhead costs. Companies that participated in our previous Overhead Cost Benchmarks, were able to reduce costs of overhead and to improve the quality of internal support functions and their service delivery.

Benchmarking provides objective information

Benchmarking is fact-based and therefore an excellent way to help reduce discussions about overhead to an objective level. The key to objectivity lies in our well-tested methodology that ensures comparability among participants. Only then can relevant insights be generated. We don’t compare apples with pears!

Proven methodology

Our methodology ensures high-quality results that are reliable and valid. We achieve this by ensuring the necessary data-comparability in different ways. For example, we only compare organizations that operate in the same sectors. We also group organizations that have a comparable primary process in the same reference group. Thereby, it goes without saying that our benchmarking is anonymous and no firm-level data will be reported or shared with your competitors.

We are currently conducting a large-scale benchmark in the services sectors (1) Engineering and Construction, (2) Information Technology and (3) Insurance and Financial Services. Subscribe now to participate and gain insights on where you stand in your sector!

The added-value of benchmarking

Benchmarking creates objective and valid information that shows where your organisation stands, compared to other’s in the same sector; without compromising on any information you provide.

What is next, after benchmarking?

Generally, companies are motivated to participate in a benchmark for two reasons:

1. Looking into the mirror / using the benchmark as an annual check-up
A lot of organizations use our benchmarks as a yearly check-up. It’s a ‘thermometer’ that they use to adapt their business to challenges ahead and the research that goes along with it.

2. Quality and efficiency improvement
Another important rationale for participation is to use the findings as an instrument for performance improvement, and quality and efficiency enhancement.

Our proven methodology

Mazars Berenschot has over 15 years of international experience in benchmarking and we have optimized our methodology. Our benchmark will provide you with valuable insights on your overhead and its costs, as well as how it compares to the industry average. Our methodology ensures high-quality results that are reliable and valid.


Here you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about benchmarking.

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