Annual Report 2014 / 2015

2014-2015 was a remarkable year for Mazars, with an outstanding 15.9% growth and a 1.25 Bn € turnover, proving its robustness and resilience in a fast-transforming world. The Group also celebrated the 20th anniversary of its international integrated partnership, a unique model which has allowed Mazars to become an influential challenger in the audit, accounting, advisory, tax and legal services industry, present on all continents.

The Mazars Group’s Annual Report 2014-2015, built upon the concept of ‘Shared Value’, includes both our consolidated financial statements and the ‘Yearbook 2015’, which depicts both the principles by which we abide, and the way we understand our role in the business community and in society as a whole, i.e. the way we create value. 

Naturally, our annual report is a way to state who we are and where we stand, but we also think that it should contribute to a more global reflection on business and society. This is why we have designed our Yearbook 2015 as an enjoyable read, with a series of articles shedding light on the most significant aspects of Mazars’ strategy, on our success stories, and on the women and men that make Mazars what it is today.